Whilst we have to ensure we generate enough income to cover our costs we also want to make play affordable so we have come up with a great offer for those who would like to come back to us soon after their first visit. Our offer is very simple, if you come to Activity World on any day and pay the normal appropriate entry price for a child (it can be the under or over one metre entry price) then you can return within five days with any child for a substantial discount and an accompanying adult is free. You must keep your receipt and bring it with you as we do retain it. This will allow you to come in for just 




Just to show what a saving this can be, if you come during the week and pay the £5.00 toddler charge and £1 adult charge you can use the receipt at the weekend for an older child and you will save in total £4.90 on the normal entry price. 

There are some terms and conditions that do apply. 

The receipt can only be used once for up to the same number of children and adults that are shown so any additional children will pay the normal entry price.

The receipt must be handed in to the cashier and cannot be retained.

The off peak Tuesdays we are closed are included in the calculation of the 5 days. 

Under no circumstances will the five day limit be extended.

The discounted entry need not to be for the same child and need not fit within the same price band.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.