We are one of the few indoor play attractions that accept Tesco DAYS OUT rewards and you can use them to pay for 100% of the normal entry price and for the annual child passes. You can also pay up to 50% of private hires and birthday parties with your rewards (up to a maximum of £100 of vouchers). This is a truly incredible deal as it means a child can have a year's pass for just £24.00 of Tesco vouchers (buys £72.00 of partner vouchers) and for a family of three £60.00 will give you £180.00 of partner vouchers.


We will accept rewards for your entry price but please note that we do not give change from the vouchers. If you don’t have enough to cover the full entry price then you can make up difference in cash or by card. For full details on how to obtain your Tesco vouchers go to the Tesco website or click here.


Child One - £72.00    Child Two - £60.00    Subsequent Children - £48.00

This pass provides unlimited access for a child with one accompanying unspecified adult.

If a birthday party is booked during the year for the child, then that child is free. 

Any amount of vouchers can be used towards the pass with cash being used to make up the difference.

There is no refund in the event tokens are presented for more than the value of the pass or passes.

One application form must be completed for each child and is available from our admin office.

The pass will be valid for one year. (Please check website for when we are open).

One accompanying adult is FREE with each visit. Card must be presented for every visit.

Babies up to 9 months accompanying a child member enter FREE.

Subsequent children membership must be from the same family.

Any lost cards can be replaced subject to a charge of £6.00.

The membership will be cancelled should there be any misuse of the card and no refunds will be given.

No refunds for those wishing to end the membership early.


You can pay up to 50% of your birthday party or private hire in Tesco rewards (up to a maximum of £100). For full details contact the party booking office Monday-Friday on 01733 558774 (option 3).