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We are very conscious of the impact of plastic waste  and global warming so in our own operation we have looked at how we can make a difference and reduce the amount of waste we produce. We decided to provide customers with reusable cups and plates and having had a large quantity manufactured we are pleased to be able to sell them on at a very competitive price as well. They are available in both 350ml (12oz) and 450ml (16oz).

We main reasons we went for the 50% bamboo/50% polypropylene with this particular designed cup are:

  • They are more lightweight than the normal bamboo version

  • They are both dishwasher and microwave proof

  • They are longer lasting than normal bamboo cups

  • It has reduced the amount of plastic needed in manufacture

  • The cups are still recyclable at the end of their lives

  • The screw lid is much safer and has a much longer lifespan than a silicon one

  • The sliding clip on top enables you to seal your drink in

  • The cups come out at an affordable price, starting for as little as 75p.

  • We are able to supply them in seven different shades  


a - purple.jpg


The plates are also 50% bamboo/50% polypropylene so have all the same advantages as the cups. They are 23cm in diameter, so an adequate size to fit a good size meal on them and they come with a curved rim, so helping to keep the food on the plate. The plates have an additional benefit in that they also can be used as a frisbee, so if you wish you can give them away as a gift.


We are willing to split boxes to supply the 250 cups or plates in a range of colours. There would be an additional charge of £10 per box. If you wish to order a small number of cups or plates (minimum of 10 pieces) then please email us and we will quote you a price and a shipping cost.

You can order all these items with your logo on them, but it would require a minimum order of 3,000 units and for a single colour there would be no charge. In order to keep prices at the quoted level an order of this size would need to form part of a larger order, so you could be looking at a four to six month lead time.

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