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Activity World was recognised for offering the best value private hires but in 2023 we had no choice but to increase the price to cover the dramatic increase in our heating bills. The simple fact is between May and August we do not have to use the heating, so we have decided to reduce our prices significantly during those months so our customers can benefit.

Our private hires are brilliant for schools, organisations, birthdays, special event get-togethers, charity events and even business team building (plus we allow significantly more people to attend within the price) than any other play area in Peterborough. As you have sole use of the play area it is perfect for creating a totally safe environment where everyone can let off steam and relax. There is no height limit or age restriction but we do restrict numbers to a maximum of 150, including adults. The staff supervise the drop slide and tangle tower but adult supervision is required for the rest of the frame. We open the café for drinks and snacks and if booked in advance we can supply pizzas with a £1.00 discount on the standard price. Alternatively you can bring food and drink in with you but you are required to clear it and take all rubbish with you at the end of the evening or we will charge £20 for clearing it up. You can book for optional extras, so you can play Nerf Wars, Laser or have use of the disco. Flexible start times are available during school term weekdays so if you have any special requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch. Don't forget you can pay up to £100 in Tesco Reward vouchers towards your party.

Our booking office is not currently permanently manned so you have a number of options if you wish to book a private hire.

          1.   Click on the 'Book a private hire online' button 

          2.   Send a message with Facebook or Messenger 

          3.   Send an email to 

          4.   Telephone 01733 558774 - say your telephone

                number clearly and slowly but leave no message

                We will get back to you.

When you can book online we will ask for a £10 holding deposit which will come off the 50% we take to secure the booking (we will contact you within 48 hours for the payment). We regret there are no refunds, we do not accept cash payments for private hires and any underpayments due will be taken from the card. 

If you want to use options 2,3 or 4 please provide your name, contact telephone number and date you want the private hire and we will respond as quickly as we can.



 120 minutes (Sept-April)                  £350.00  

               (May-Aug)                    £295.00

 180 minutes (Sept-April)                  £420.00

               (May-Aug)                    £350.00


 Mon-Thurs 16.00-17.30 (Sept-April)    £295.00

                             (May-Aug)     £250.00

 Friday 16.00-17.30      (Sept-April)    £325.00

                             (May-Aug)     £280.00


 Mon–Thurs 18.15-20.15 (Sept-April)    £350.00

                            (May-Aug)      £295.00

 Fri-Sun 18.15-20.15   (Sept-April)     £395.00

                            (May-Aug)      £340.00

 Fri-Sun 18.15-21.15    (Sept-April)    £495.00

                            (May-Aug)      £420.00

 Fri-Sun 18.15-22.15    (Sept-April)    £595.00

                            (May-Aug)      £500.00


LASER GUNS – We have 20 guns available for use throughout the session, so you can organise individual or team games to suit. Cost £60.00 for the hire.


NERF WARS – Recommended age 8+. Hire an unlimited number of Nerf Jolt guns and safety glasses at £1.20 a set. Provided they are single fire children can use their own guns. Bullets are £6.00 per hundred and at the end of the evening you can collect them  up and take them home. There is a charge of £10.00 per gun/glasses not returned.


DISCO ROOM – Unlimited access to our disco room during your event. Just £25 per booking.

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