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We only allow traditional birthday parties during weekends and school holidays, so if you wish to book a celebration event on a school term weekday then you will need to book a private hire and you can find full details and prices by going to the Private Hire page. We now offer a 'Build your party' facility for birthday parties, so you can have something that will meet your budget. You start by choosing whether you want a balcony table overlooking the playframe or a private party room. Please note only Rooms two, three and the disco room will allow you to choose any theme your child wants. Below are images of some of the themes that are available and there are many more to choose from and even if we don't have it we can create it for you. All parties are a minimum of 10 children and the maximum depends on your room.

Our booking office is not permanently manned so you have a number of options if you wish to book a birthday party.

          1.   Click on the 'Book a party online' button  

          2.   Send a message with Facebook or Messenger 

          3.   Send an email to 

          4.   Telephone 01733 558774 - say your telephone

                number clearly and slowly but leave no message

                We will get back to you.

When you can book online we will ask for a £10 holding deposit which will come off the 50% we take to secure the booking (we will contact you within 48 hours for the payment). We use estimated numbers initially so will ask for final numbers one week before the party when the balance becomes payable. We regret there are no refunds, we do not accept cash payments for parties and any underpayments due (for example to extra children arriving on the day) will be taken from the card. Please be aware party rooms 1,2 and 3 are only accessible by stairs. Just follow the simple steps below.

If you want to use options 2,3 or 4 please provide your name, contact telephone number and date you want the party and we will respond as quickly as we can.


All parties last 2 hours.  The Balcony, Themed Room 3 and Classic parties are 80 minutes of play followed by 40 minutes to eat and celebrate. If you book the disco room it is 70 minutes of play and 50 minutes in the disco room to enjoy the music, dance and eat. Balcony parties will be shown to their table for the duration of their party.

We will provide 2 jugs of squash/water for catered parties.  For self-catering you will provide all food and drink for your party.

For the Disco party, Themed Room 3 & Classic parties you will be seated in a reserved area where we will provide 2 jugs of squash/water whilst the children are playing. We will also include squash/water for catered parties in the party room and if self-catering you will provide all food and drink whilst in the party room (or you can purchase drinks from the cafe). 

Four adults are allowed in free with every party. Any adults accompanying the guests are welcome to stay but will be charged an entry fee of £1.70.  

The disco room is located next to the play area and is suitable for guests in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. Balcony parties, Classic party room and Themed party room 3 are accessed by stairs.

Activity world 2 web size-106.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-103.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-108.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-88.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-85.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-82.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-79.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-76.jpg


All party rooms have a throne for the birthday child. Room 1 doesn't have a projector system so whilst it is decorated there is no facility to theme it unless you supply your own. Rooms 2, 3 and the disco room can be themed to anything your child would like. As well as being able to theme rooms 2 and 3 have facility to play your own music. The available start times for different party rooms at weekend/holidays are shown below with images of the party tables and rooms.


PRICE PER CHILD (APPLY FROM 1st APRIL)                                                  

TABLE ON BALCONY (Max 30)                         

Weekends/hols – Hourly from 10am                 £9.30

TRADITIONAL PARTY ROOM 1 (min 10 - max 25) 

Weekends/hols 12pm & 2pm                          £9.80

THEMED PARTY ROOM 2 (min 10 - max 15) 

Weekends/hols 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm         £10.30

THEMED PARTY ROOM 3 (min 16 - max 35) 

Weekends/hols 11.00, 1pm, 3pm                   £10.30

DISCO ROOM (min 10 – max 28)   

Weekends/hols 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4pm  £11.00

ADULTS - Four adults free then remainder charged £1.70, which can be paid at the door.

Activity world 2 web size-3.jpg
Activity world 2 web size-93.jpg
Activity world web-210.jpg
Activity world web-198.jpg


Both food options include unlimited squash during the meal. Cold food buffet consists of a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, crisps, biscuits and cakes. The hot food option is hand-made margarita pizza with chips and you can serve your birthday cake as a dessert. Whilst the children play adults can enjoy a hand-made pizza at a special price.

Self Catering               No charge

Cold food buffet           £5.50 per child

Pizza and chips             £5.00 per child

9in pizzas for adults       £5.95 Margarita

                             £6.95 Pepperoni


BALLOONS                                 FREE

PARTY BAGS                               £2.95 each

TEDDY-TASTIC BEAR BUILDING        £9.95 per child

We allocate 20 minutes of the playtime to build your chosen bear. The birthday child receives a free bear outfit and every bear has a heart and certificate. Please check when booking how it can be built into your party.

Print off your invitations here.


We receive regular requests for details on the content of the food we offer at parties so customers know if we are serving anything which can impact upon a child's health. We therefore have produced a spreadsheet which hopefully provides all the information that anyone requires and you can access it by clicking on the link below.



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