Playframe Materials

Activity World is happy to quote you for materials you may be needing for the expansion, maintenance or repair of your playframe.  We believe we offer competitive prices across the full range of items so you are welcome to email us at, submit an enquiry form or phone on 07850 954171. Even if you don't have the particular product you are looking for then please contact us and we will see if we can find you a great deal or put you in touch with a supplier.  


We supply Interclamp brackets at very competitive prices. We supply the standard 48mm brackets but can supply different sizes if required. The full range and prices can be seen by clicking on the Interclamp button. 

Single T 10.jpg


We stock recon foam for making up floor mats in sheets 1.2m x 1.2m and in thicknesses of 25mm and 50mm or it can be delivered direct for larger orders. Prices exclude delivery and VAT.

PRICES per sheet

                 25mm        50mm

1-10 sheets   £10.50      £21.00

11-30 sheets  £10.00      £20.00

31-60 sheets   £9.50      £19.00     



To see the full range of colours and technical information please click on 'Tuffpad info'. They come in 2.4m lengths so please be aware they are quite expensive to ship. Prices exclude delivery and VAT.

PRICES per length

1-9 lengths       £10.50

10-24 lengths    £10.00

25-49 lengths     £9.50

50+ lengths        £9.00



These are the ones specifically designed for use in soft play areas and come in bags of 100. We have a very limited range of cable tie colours, currently pink, dark green, purple, yellow, orange, dark brown and beige.

PRICES per bag (plus VAT & delivery)

1-5 Bags   £15.00 

6-9 Bags   £12.00 

10+ Bags   £10.00 



We supply Polyplax 5.5FR PVC in 150cm width rolls. The standard rolls are 50m but we stock a large number of smaller rolls or can cut length to order.

PRICES Per Linear Metre (plus delivery & VAT)

1-19m     £5.25

20-49m    £5.10

50-100m   £4.95

101m +     £4.70



We can supply all types and colours which can be cut to your specific requirements.

PRICES per square metre (plus VAT and delivery)

50mm knotted              £3.30

50mm knotless             £4.10

25mm anti-climb           £3.60

Fine mesh anti-climb       £5.50 (only in 2.4m wide rolls)

Spools 4mm Twine (200m)  £6.60 (1-9 spools)

                             £6.10 (10+ spools)

        3mm Twine (270m) £7.20  (1-9 spools)

                             £6.90  (10+ spools)       

cable ties photo.jpg
2018-08-17 06.40.05.jpg
twine 2.jpg


We can supply the standard 54-14 grey Climaflex pole padding which then requires the Velcro pole wrapping. 

PRICES per length (plus VAT & delivery)

1-66 lengths    £3.00 

66+ lengths     £2.75  



For use with the Climaflex pole padding, this PVC pole pad is the standard size to fit the 48mm round steels with the 54-14 Climaflex wrap. Comes in 25m lengths

PRICES per metre (Plus VAT & delivery)

1-50m       £3.00

51-100m    £2.90

100m+       £2.80

velcro wrap.jpg