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We have installed two system in our attraction and both have been hugely successful, so we have agreed to help promote it across the industry. The Lumo Interactive is a projection system which can be used on the wall or floor and provides more than 120 interactive games which children can play.


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With only using projections there is no issues with damage to equipment. Includes many sensory activities to stimulate children whilst playing. Now comes with Augmented Reality software to allow greater interaction with the customer. 

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The iSurround system allows for the most incredible immersive experiences you could ever imagine. In it's simplest application you can theme any room to a child's wishes to enhance any birthday party. It will allow you to run video clips as well as static images, so anything you can find online could be incorporated. It also has the facility to make the walls interactive through lasers and bespoke software.

If you would like to see the system in operation you can visit us and we would be happy to show you the system in operation. Call me on 07850954171 for more information or you can also contact Martin Petty and his details are on the literature below.

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