Whilst we would love to provide a wide ranging menu with healthy food options, our limited catering facilities means we are restricted, so we made the decision to offer a simple menu of the most popular meals at affordable prices. It enables us to get orders out in a reasonable time, so no one is left waiting too long. We also made the decision to make our counter self service so customers can get their drinks much quicker. Whilst our coffee is through an automated machine, it is significantly quicker at providing you a great cup of coffee and we would argue it is as good as (if not better) than our competitors. Admittedly we do not use porcelain cups and plates, but we do not believe they are safe in a play environment, with the risk of breakage and spillage. We are moving away from single use plastics so as to reduce the large amount of waste that is produced and from September 2019 we will only be using reusable bamboo cups and plates for hot drinks and meal orders (please read our 'Going Green' article). There will be some food and drink offerings that will still have single use plastics but we hopefully will reduce our waste by around 90%.    


We have always been very conscious of the fact we have used disposable cups for our hot and cold drinks. We originally went down this route because of the impracticality of being able to fit dishwashing facilities into our kitchen. The current issues with plastics has led us to rethink our whole operation and there are major changes being made. We have replaced plastic cutlery and straws with wood and paper ones. However even more significant changes are to take place shortly.

From September we will stop using disposable cups and we will be introducing a reusable cup which customers will we able to keep and bring back on future visits. You will also be allowed to use any reusable cup, provided it has a lid on it. We take safety very seriously and in a play environment we do believe the use of cups where hot drinks can be spilt is a risk which we are not willing to accept. We are subsidizing the cost of the cup but customers will pay a little bit more for the initial drink where they need to purchase their cup but subsequent purchases will be much cheaper. The same will apply if you use any reusable cup. 

The cup we have chosen to use is a composite of 50% bamboo/50% polypropylene (the most easily recyclable plastic), which means we are using less plastic (unfortunately we can't do totally away with plastic) but the cups should last for a long time and it makes the cup both dishwasher and microwave safe. In addition it has a screw on, sealable lid so to minimise the risk of spillage. It will be available in a range of six colours so you can collect the complete set if you wish and you will be able to purchase them for just £1.20 each (which is a very low price for a bamboo reusable cup).

We will also be replacing our disposable plates with composite plates to serve meals on, so you will be seeing many changes in the months ahead. 

Parents/carers are responsible at all times for the supervision and safety of the children in their care. Food and drink consumed on the premises can only be purchased from the cafeteria.