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Whilst we would love to provide a wide ranging menu with healthy food options, our limited kitchen space means we are restricted in what we can produce, so we made the decision to offer a simple menu at affordable prices. This enables us to get orders out in a reasonable time, so no one is left waiting too long and our counter is self service, so customers can get their drinks much quicker.


Our biggest concern is the safety of our customers, so we made the decision that all hot drinks should have a secure lid to avoid the risk of spillage. This caused us a dilemma as we faced creating a significant amount of rubbish through using disposable cups. We decided to take a truly unique approach and we now serve all hot drinks in reusable bamboo/polypropylene cups which are yours to keep and bring back with you on future visits. The great news is that if you come to us with your own reusable cup with lid then we will give you a significant discount on the price of your hot drink. In addition all our cups serve 12oz drinks, which offer 50% more than the standard 8oz cups served in a lot of establishments. Our coffee is served through automated self service machines, which is significantly quicker at providing you a great drink which we would argue it is as good as (if not better) than our competitors.

                                      OUR FOOD OFFERING

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