Whilst we would love to provide a wide ranging menu with healthy food options, our limited catering facilities means we are restricted, so we made the decision to offer a simple menu of the most popular meals at affordable prices. It enables us to get orders out in a reasonable time, so no one is left waiting too long. We also made the decision to make our counter self service so customers can get their drinks much quicker. Whilst our coffee is through an automated machine, it is significantly quicker at providing you a great cup of coffee and we would argue it is as good as (if not better) than our competitors. Admittedly we do not use porcelain cups and plates, but we do not believe they are safe in a play environment, with the risk of breakage and spillage. We have moved away from disposable cups and plates and it has been a great success. You can now collect a range of reusable bamboo/polypropylene cups that can be used for discounted drinks on your return. 

We are regularly asked for details of our menu so it is available by clicking the menu below with all the up to date prices.