We continue to wait to see if it is confirmed that we will be able to open after the 17th May. It appears the final decision will not be made until a week before that date, but subject to everything continuing as planned then we will open for the first time on the 22nd May. As we will be operating under the rules which applied prior to the current lockdown, there will still be the requirement for social distancing, limited numbers and we still will not be able to hold parties or private hires. According to the roadmap the parties should be able to restart after the 21st June, but until we have had confirmation from the government we will not allow any to be booked. 

We are undertaking a major restructuring of the business, which will also involve a lot of work being done to the website so we are planning to make all announcements over the next couple of months on our Facebook page, so please click on the button below. We look forward to welcoming you back in May. 






Experience our fantastic multi level bouncing nets with interlinking tubes.

It is all included in your entry price. 


  • Most exciting range of play area equipment in the UK

    • The jaw dropping Double Drop Slide

    • The heart stopping Tangle Tower

    • The stomach churning Dizzy Donuts

    • The scary Dark Giant Spiral Slide

    • Our great Interactive Floors

    • Our fun Astroslide

    • Our wow NEW Skywalker bouncing nets

    • Plus numerous other slides, climbs and other play features.

  • Longest established play operator in the UK

  • Lowest price & best value for money on any similar attraction

  • Our main playframe is the biggest in the region (even if our building isn't).​​ 


Finally, Activity World supplies a wide range of products and services to the leisure industry so if you are a business just wanting to browse or are looking to purchase something specific then please click on 'Trade Services' to see everything we do or if you know the product you are looking for just click the appropriate button below. We are happy to supply to the general public so our customers are welcome to contact us if they are interested in anything we sell. Please note this part of the business is not handled at the Peterborough site so please email or phone 01494 678699 for any information.